Bethany Goethe

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Though Bethany L. Goethe is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, her relationship with Christ has made her amazingly joyful. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, whom she’s been married to for 40 years, her two children, and three wonderful grandchildren. She has a degree in Elementary Education and Language Arts but is now semi-retired. Bethany hopes her poetry brings joy and blessings to her readers.
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Addison Michael

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Addison Michael writes riveting, character-driven thrillers heavy in suspense with a focus on the intriguing motivations that make a person a murderer.

Addison grew up in a home where rules were not meant to be broken. As such, she was the "goodest" of the “goody two-shoes” around. At 16 years old, she survived a deadly head-on car collision. With a twinge of survivor's guilt, she developed a morbid fascination with who lives, who dies, and why.
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Matthew Speckman

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Matthew Speckman is a native of the San Francisco Peninsula and served as a police officer for thirty-one years. He holds multiple specialized degrees from esteemed universities and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Matthew worked as a field training officer, canine handler, detective, operations sergeant, patrol watch commander, and led the internal affairs division. He retired as a watch commander in the patrol division. In his free time, he searches the golf course for his errant tee shots and volunteers for various organizations. He resides in Modesto, California with his wife Karen.
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Andy Willoughby

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Andy Willoughby is a two-time author. His first book Why Aren't We Rich Yet? is based on thirty successful years as a marketing and advertising professional. He is the father of three children, ten grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren. Andy offers hope that, in time, the pain of losing a loved one will soften and allow you to move forward with your life.
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Black Thorn-Hart

Henry BIGtree will be the newest best selling children's book that will be a popular classic. Are you looking for a new children's book to read your child that will spark their imagination? Visit the farm where Henry BIGtree and his woodland friends live. Join them for an adventure as Henry BIGtree celebrates turning the magical age of a 100 years old.

Nana Hart tells her grandchildren what happens at night when their farm family goes to sleep. How Henry BIGtree the mighty oak is able to wiggle his knobby-root toes out of the ground and carry the animals around. The farm animals throw Henry BIGtree a Birthday party to celebrate him turning 100 years old. This charming poetic children's book with vibrant illustrations teaches children about putting their differences aside and getting along with each other. Help a child's imagination take root with the legend of Henry BIGtree.

Olga and Aleksey Ivanov are renowned children's book illustrators and classically trained commercial artists. This award winning talented husband-and-wife team are skilled artist. They have illustrated over 80 children's books.
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