Bethany Goethe

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Reflections by bethany.fbcover

Author BIO

Though Bethany L. Goethe is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, her relationship with Christ has made her amazingly joyful. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, whom she’s been married to for 40 years, her two children, and three wonderful grandchildren. She has a degree in Elementary Education and Language Arts but is now semi-retired. Bethany hopes her poetry brings joy and blessings to her readers.

Reflections By Bethany

I’m excited to announce Bethany Goethe, the author of Reflections by Bethany: Poetry, Prayers, and Laughter. This book, like its author, is beautiful inside and out. In an effort to help people like her, who struggle to find peace in their lives, Bethany is admirably transparent in this new release.  

What's the book about? 

Bethany Goethe started writing poetry over twenty years ago to satisfy a void in her life that nothing seemed to fill. The creativity of putting words on a page became a process of looking within to experience God’s love that lead her on a path to spiritual healing. Bethany emerged a stronger person, centered in the fullness of Christ.

The void she once experienced became her blessing in disguise. It is her desire to share this piece of her soul with you in hopes that you too will experience the healing you need.