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Why Pages & Pie Publishing?

Pages and pie go together like traditional publishing and co-publishing. Okay, it's a stretch, but I invite you to use your imagination. There’s nothing better than a good book, a real page-turner. Books inspire, motivate, and entertain. Books take us to alternate dimensions that once existed only in the author's mind.

Some would argue that there’s one thing in life better than a good book, and that’s pie! What do books and pie have in common? Variety. There are hundreds of genres and subgenres of books and hundreds of flavors of pie. No matter who you are, there’s at least one book and one pie you could say you love. But that’s where the commonalities end. A book is a book and a pie is a pie. Each person decides on their own what genre or flavor suits them best.

When it comes to traditional and co-publishing, the same is true. These are two distinctly different paths for accomplishing the same purpose. While we authors write books for our own reasons, we all have the same desired outcome. Start writing, follow the process to the end, and see our words in a professionally bound book with our name on it.

There are pros and cons to each path. Some co-published authors sell so many copies they attract a traditional publisher's attention. They then cross over to traditional publishing. Then there are authors who start with traditional publishers, but find it is not the best fit for them. So, they switch to co-publishing for their next book. One path is not better than the other, but one path will better suit each individual author.

Pages & Pie Publishing is an author services company. We will partner with each individual author to meet you where you are. We will discuss your purpose for writing a book. We talk about your time frame. We decide together which path will best meet your needs. We talk about standards. Your book is a representation of you. By extension, when you work with Pages & Pie Publishing, it is a representation of us. This is where the partnership comes in. Before your book hits the market, it needs to be well-written and edited with precision. Only then will your book be ready to be published.

About Pages & Pie Publishing

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Hi, I'm Angela Hammond Denny, the founder of Pages & Pie Publishing. I’m a wife, a marketer, a multitasker, and mom, but those are just my roles. I have a degree in professional writing with a minor in creative writing, but that’s just my education. Who am I deep, deep down? Who was I created to be? A child of God, a writer, and a traveler. My favorite thing to do as a child was to lose myself in a good book. I read everything I could get my hands on, but I fell in love with thrillers! Authors like Mary Higgins Clark, Dean R. Koontz, and John Saul changed my life. I knew from the age of thirteen that I wanted to be a writer. So, I started writing. I only knew what I had read. Because I didn’t know any better, I wrote in the style of my favorite authors. Which is pretty typical, and a good place to start.

I wrote a book at age twenty-three. For the next eight years, I sent it to publishers accepting non-solicited manuscripts and agents accepting new authors. I got the polite standard-form rejection letters. Occasionally, I would get hand-written, personalized notes with bits of advice: Write about what you know… Keep the story in Missouri… If only someone had mentored me through that process, they would have told me that those notes were invitations to change that element of the story and send it back. It was code for Try again. I didn’t know.

Finally, I had a breakthrough! A publisher sent me a note saying, This is “B” work. Polish it to “A” work and we’ll talk. So, I did. I hired a professional editor. I paid her a chunk of money I really didn’t have to spare. The editing process took a year. When I sent it back to the publisher, I got a polite standard-form rejection letter. I was so frustrated. I immediately emailed the publisher expressing my frustration. The response was simple: Last year your book was what the market was looking for. This year, it is not.

At Pages and Pie Publishing, we want to spare you the frustration of missing those cues. We can help you by shortening the writing and publishing process. We can educate you on what readers want.

If you have a great story but hate writing, Pages & Pie Publishing can help you with that. Maybe you’ve written a book but don’t know what to do with it. Pages & Pie Publishing can provide editing services to Polish that book from “B” work to “A” work. You might have a book, love it, have edited it, and feel ready to publish, but have no clue where to start. That’s okay, we can talk you through your options and help set you on a publishing path.

Tiffany Avery

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Senior Editor, Ghostwriter, Fiction Writer

My name is Tiffany Avery, and I am a passionate writer and editor. I love this kind of work so much that I graduated with a master's degree in Technical and Professional Writing at Missouri State University.

I am also currently working on a thriller/adventure/horror novel I hope to finish this summer. I don't want to give too much away, but it's about a tiger that has escaped into the Ozarks.

I'm in the Missouri National Guard as a Food Service Technical Warrant Officer during drill weekends.

My top priority in life is being mom to my two lovely girls, Scarlett (almost 16) and Lilly (almost 1). My girls provide my inspiration and drive!