Marketing Writing

You got this
Your words matter. Words in books and words in business. Be intentional. Let us help you write your strategy words.

Your book. Your brand identity. Your path to success.

What you say, who you say you are, and what you say you do for people attracts the right clients and customers to you. But it can also repel them. The last thing you want is to lose a prospect before you even have a conversation. Let us partner with you to write strategic words that define your company. If you have your words, we can help you use them more strategically and further your brand through content marketing.

We can help connect you with your target audience. We can write blogs, web pages, articles, newsletters, and social media copy with consistency according to your marketing plan.

Marketing Writing Process:

Five books with positioning black
  • Discuss business goals.
  • Listen with an open mind.
  • Encourage meaningful communication.
  • Set a plan of action.
  • Write powerful, intentional words that are an extension of your strategy words in the form of blogs, newsletters, articles, social media copy, and webpages.

Marketing Writing is Important Because it:

How it began fb graphic copy
  • Encourages engagement
  • Creates raving fans
  • Positions the client as experts
  • Boosts SEO and increases the chances of being found online
  • Provides yet another touchpoint of connection
  • Keeps the client fresh and current with trends and industry news

Words matter. Be intentional. Let Pages & Pie Marketing Writing help you write your strategy words.