Publishing outcome
Pages & Pie Publishing provides author services to help you publish a high-quality book. There are two paths to accomplish this goal.

Traditional Publishing

We can act as an agent to connect you to traditional publishers. Most authors have a day job and don’t have the means to take time off. Putting together book proposals and sending query letters to every publisher out there is time consuming. You will need an agent to represent you before a traditional publisher will read your manuscript.

Agents connect you to publishing houses who are looking for what you are writing. Once a publishing house agrees to publish your book, an agent will negotiate the contract on your behalf. Your agent will not make money until your published books start selling. 15% of book sales go to your agent. Note that if you choose to publish traditionally, you will make 10% of your royalties.


If you choose the path of co-publishing, it is your responsibility to the world to put your best, most-polished version of your book out there. That’s where Pages & Pie Publishing will partner with you to produce a book everyone on your social media feed will want to share with their friends and family.

Remember, we are partnering with you to produce a high-quality book! Your investment is on the front end. While there won’t be an advance with co-publishing, your book royalty percentage is much higher and can trend upwards of 65% of your book sales which you will receive after the book is on the market.