What Comes Before Dawn

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Dawn occurs just after the darkest part of night, that eerie time between midnight and morning when most are sleeping. What comes before dawn?

Paige Deffer should be just starting her life. She’s fresh out of college with a degree, a handsome boyfriend, and a promising future. Until she gets the call that will change her life forever.

Her mother has been murdered.

Until now, Paige’s whole life consisted of worrying about and caring for her mother, who was prone to frequent blackouts where she disappeared for hours on end. Now her mother is dead. Paige has no choice but to step in to help find her killer. What’s worse? Time is running out, because police believe Paige is the next target…

As Paige looks into the complicated history of her mother’s blackouts, she realizes she’s been helping hide a dark secret. At the same time, her longtime relationship with her boyfriend crumbles, leaving Paige vulnerable and alone. She has no choice but to find her own value and learn who she really is.

As more secrets are revealed, Paige begins to question everything she thought she knew about her life. When people from her mother’s past start showing up, Paige doesn’t know who she can trust. Is one of them her mother’s murderer? Paige must unveil the secrets of her mother’s past – and her own – before the truth of her death will dawn.
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The Reluctant Bachelor: Grief Unfiltered - Learning to Smile with a Hole in Your Heart


How do you move on after you’ve lost the love of your life? When you've been married a long time and lose your spouse, normal is suddenly gone. Andy Willoughby experienced this firsthand when his wife of forty-seven years died unexpectedly. He realized he had taken his relationship for granted and his life would never be the same.
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Reflections by Bethany: Poetry, Prayers, and Laughter Kindle Edition

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Does your life feel empty? Is there a space nothing seems to fill? Bethany Goethe started writing poetry over twenty years ago to fill a void and find her way to a path of healing. The creativity of writing and putting words on a page became a process of looking within to experience God’s healing and love. Once she began to write, she couldn't stop! Bethany emerged a stronger person centered in the fullness of Christ.
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