Personal Brand Development

You got this
Some of you are influencers and have thousands of followers on Instagram. Your Facebook engagement is up. Your Snapchat filters often display your "best" self. You have a YouTube channel. You tweet daily. Maybe you even have thousands of followers on TikTok. If so, good for you! Keep doing what you're doing!

Building a personal brand is more about finding what makes you different from every other author. You are qualified to tell your story. We believe in you. But you also need to sell yourself and your work to your readers.

Your social media followers are the first people who will rush out to buy your book. Who are you? It's quite possible your story will sound like it's been done before. Let me encourage you here. The topic has probably been tackled, but the way you tackle it will be different because you are unique. No one else thinks, talks, walks, and looks exactly like you. Capitalize on that.

This is the moment where you need to become your biggest fan and fall in love with all your unique quirks. Own them, take pictures of them, talk about them, write about them. Readers can tell who is authentic and who is not. You can be whoever you want in your novels. You can live vicariously through the characters you create. But you, the real you, behind the words, is the asset who will sell your books. Don’t be afraid to let the world see you for who you really are… on social media.

Writer's Conferences

Continuing education at writer’s conference is crucial. We encourage you to treat your writing like a business. As you're building your personal brand, it is vital for you to appear at writer’s conferences. Conferences are a way to network, educate yourself, and make connections. Conferences provide the opportunity to get you in front of the right people at the right time to help you grow as a writer.